1. Mphil 2016: Ruifeng Liu
    Thesis Title: Optimal Locations in Road Network
  2. Mphil 2016: Murphy Zhengwei Yang
    Thesis Title: Diversified Subgraph Matching in a Large Graph
  3. Mphil 2012- 2013: Silu Huang
  4. Mphil 2012- 2013: Yanyan Xu
  5. Aug 2011- Mar 2014: Huanhuan Wu M.M.
  6. Mphil 2013: Jia Wang (Co-supervised with Prof. James Cheng)
    Thesis Title: Discovering Structures in Large Networks
  7. Mphil 2010: Jia Liu
    Thesis Title: Privacy Preserving Serial Data and Social Network Publishing
  8. Postdoc 2008-2009 James Cheng M.M.
    Hong Kong Young Scientist Award, 2010.
  9. Mphil 2009: Junpu Cai
    Thesis Title: Keyword Search in Relational Database
  10. Ph.D. 2009: Weixiong Rao
    Thesis Title: Efficient Content Dissemination in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
  11. Mphil 2008: Yingyi Bu
    Thesis Title: A Study of Two Problems in Data Mining
  12. Ph.D. 2008: Chi Wing Wong, Raymond
    Thesis Title: Customer-Centric Data Analysis
  13. Mphil 2006: Leung Tat Wing, Oscar
    Thesis Title: A Study of Time Series: Anomaly Detection and Trend Prediction
  14. Ph.D. 2006: Mingfei Jiang, Fianny
    Thesis Title: Querying XML Data: Efficiency and Security Issues
  15. Mphil 2005: Lau Yung Hang, Leo
    Thesis Title: Issues in Time Series Querying
  16. Mphil 2004: Chi Wing Wong, Raymond
    Thesis Title: A Study of Frequent Pattern and Association Rule Mining - with Applications in Inventory Update and Marketing
  17. Mphil 2003: Chiu Lai Mei, Anny
    Thesis Title: Efficient and effective outlier detection
  18. Mphil 2002: Ng Ka Ka, Eric
    Thesis Title: A Study of two Problems in Data Mining -- Projective Clustering and Multiple Tables Association Rules Mining
  19. Mphil 2002: Ng Anny
    Thesis Title: Information Extraction and Data Mining from Chinese Financial News
  20. Mphil 2001: Yu Xiaohui, Stephen
    Thesis Title: Histogram Techniques for Cost Estimation in Query Optimization
  21. Mphil 2001: Yan Men Hin (Mphil 2001)
    Thesis Title: From XML to Relational Database
  22. Mphil 2001: Cheung Yin Ling
    Thesis Title: Decision Trees Classification and Constraint-based Itemsets Mining
  23. Mphil 2001: Chan Wai To, Willis
    Thesis Title: Distributed Clustering Algorithms
  24. Mphil 2000: Wong Wai Chiu
    Thesis Title: Incremental Document Clustering for Web Page Classification
  25. Mphil 2000: Wong Wai Ching
    Thesis Title: Finding Structure and characteristic of Web Documents for Classification
  26. Mphil 2000: Kam Po Shan (Mphil 2000)
    Thesis Title: Discovering Temporal Patterns for Interval-Based Events
  27. Mphil 2000: Renfrew Kwong Wang-wai
    Thesis Title: Mining Multi-level Association Rules Using Data Cubes and Mining N-most interesting itemsets
  28. Mphil 1999: Edward Cheng Chun Hung
    Thesis Title: Entropy-based Subspace Clustering for Mining Numerical Data
  29. Mphil 1999: Franky Chan King Pong

  30. Thesis Title: Efficient Time Series Matching by Wavelets
  31. Mphil 1998: Cai Chun Hing
    Thesis Title: Mining Association Rules with Weighted Items
  32. Mphil 1997: Kuok Chan Man
    Thesis Title: Mining Fuzzy Association Rules in Large Databases with Quantitative Attributes
  33. Mphil 1997: Cheung King Lum, Kingly
    Thesis Title: Redundancy on Content-Based Indexing
  34. Mphil 1997: Chan Mei Shuen, Polly
    Thesis Title: Indexing Methods for Multimedia Data Objects Given Pair-Wise Distances
  35. Mphil 1996: Hwang Hoi Yee
    Thesis Title: Data-Disjunctive Deductive Database
  36. Mphil 1996: Lau Wai Kwong
    Thesis Title: Transaction Replication in Mobile Environments
  37. Mphil 1996: Luk Hing Wah
    Thesis Title: Indexing Techniques for Object-Oriented Databases
  38. Mphil 1996: Ng Ching Ting
    Thesis Title: Performance Study of Protocols in Replicated Databases
  39. Mphil 1996: Tam Nai Biu
    Thesis Title: The Design of Parallel R-tree Using Multiple Processors

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