Data-Driven Image Color Theme Enhancement

Baoyuan Wang         Yizhou Yu         Tien-Tsin Wong         Chun Chen         Ying-Qing Xu        

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 issue), Vol. 29, No. 6, December 2010, pp. 146:1-146:10.



It is often important for designers and photographers to convey or enhance desired color themes in their work. A color theme is typically defined as a template of colors and an associated verbal description. This paper presents a data-driven method for enhancing a desired color theme in an image. We formulate our goal as a unified optimization that simultaneously considers a desired color theme, texture-color relationships as well as automatic or user-specified color constraints. Quantifying the difference between an image and a color theme is made possible by color mood spaces and a generalization of an additivity relationship for two-color combinations. We incorporate prior knowledge, such as texture-color relationships, extracted from a database of photographs to maintain a natural look of the edited images. Experiments and a user study have confirmed the effectiveness of our method.




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